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MRT100 Multi-function Robotic Tender - MRT20 Tooling mounted on the robot MRT100 Multi-function Robotic Tender - MRT20 EOAT pulls empty bags from a stack located anywhere within reach MRT100 Multi-function Robotic Tender - MRT20 EOAT Opening a bag in preparation for filling MRT100 Multi-function Robotic Tender - MRT20 EOAT After bag is filled MRT100 Multi-function Robotic Tender - MRT20 EOAT After bag is filled
MRT100 Multi-function Robotic Tender
Our MRT100 Chassis is home to several Kawasaki Robots. Among them is the RS005N seen here as a filling machine operator. Many manufacturing and processing companies fill bags by hand. An employee take a bag, opens it, puts it on a filler spout and waits while it fills. Then they gather the edges and put the filled bag into a sealer or stitcher.
Our MRT20 EOAT (end of arm tool) is mounted on the robot's 6th axis and picks bags from a stack, placing them on a filling spout. We have an optional weight transducer that mounts on the tooling to tell you when a bag is full. The I/O Controller then sends a signal to the filling spout to shut. We can also gradually close a valve as the bag reaches weight.
Our MRT20 EOAT (end of arm tool) grips the bag firmly. Paper or Plastic grips just as well. Here we are using a suction cup for porous material. We were able to grip a bag with over 10lbs of product in this configuration. This particular robot has capacity of 12lbs so if you combine the weight of the EOAT with the bag, 10lbs is pushing the limits. An RS006N would be a better choice for that type of application.
Our MRT20 EOAT (end of arm tool) maintains its grip on the full bag (5.5lbs) with the top sticking up above the tooling so it can be given to a sealer machine. Sealing machines typically consist of a conveyor at the base and a pair of opposing belts that grip the bag and feed it into the sealer. Our tool can release the bag as soon as it senses the bag has been gripped by the sealer.
This is called Compliant Motion
Compliant motion is used to "eyeball" a step is a process where there are external variables such as paper bags for example. The robot will move as needed rather than as programmed.
Note the way the gripper deforms to the shape of the bag as it is folding the sides in. Other types of bag holders are highly mechanical and require many moving parts, eventually causing grief for the maintenance department. Here we use a simple vacuum system that is designed to be flexible, reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance.
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