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Bransom Tech Services BBB Business Review
Bransom Tech Services BBB Business Review
We integrate our controller with the dependability of machinery manufactured 40 or more years ago. Please ask if your machine can be upgraded. Very often it can.
We specialize in integrating new technology with older machines. The fusion of modern technology with the dependability of machinery manufactured 40 or more years ago. allows machinery already paid for the get a new lease on life. So if you have great machines that could do better, don't be afraid to ask if your machine can be upgraded. Very often it can more easily than you think at a minimum of cost. We can also integrate with existing technology such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Eaton, Cutler Hammer, ABB, Koyo and many others.
We did'nt just start building industrial control panels. We have been doing it for over 45 years. No matter the application, we create the solution and are probably familiar with it. Our panels are designed to make things safe and easy for your company's manufacturing process. The C100 is maintenance friendly and simple to use.
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We always provide end to end maintenance and support for our products.
btsacr016021.gif STANDARD FEATURES
Multiple Screen Selection, Custom graphics
Security Access to Screens password protected
IP Address Utility and Set Clock Utility
Feature Help and Support Screens
E-STOP Buttons on Enclosure and Touchscreen
Pause-Resume buttons as needed
Troubleshooting I/O Screen for Maintenance
Step Debugging Screen
Many useful perks for maintenance and troubleshooting.
Manual/Auto Bypass for individual device operation
Loaded with safety redundancy
Network ready, manual/automatic controller
Unit comes with terminal blocks and a din rail
IP66 rated, Class 1 Div 2, UL/cUL Approved
Serial Port, USB & MicroSD on every model
USB memory stick Backup/Restore and Upgrade
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(855) 762-6899
C100 Vineyard controller manages remove valves and pumps according to data from vacuum and temperature sensors
It all fits inside a 16x16x8 box mounted on the side of their existing control box.
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Go from Messy to Dressy!
Custom built & programmed Machine Controllers
We build the controller using our custom programmed C100 unit and ship to you ready to install After many years of use, controllers often look like this. We clean up the controller using our custom programmed C100 controller
Clean up complicated relay-heavy panels and give your older equipment a new life with an upgraded controller from BTS.
They don’t make machines like they used to and with the proper upgrades, that machine can run another 40 years! We know because we have done it.
Jobs we have done using the C100 Units:
We know because we do it every day!.
The term “Process Controller” is often used to describe a heat/cool process but actually refers to a much broader range of equipment control options. Motors, lights, solenoids, hydraulics, pneumatics, valves, meters, encoders, pumps and other equipment are all controlled by a process controller. From a simple light switch in your home to a multi-robot control panel, it is a process controller.
The best process controllers are intuitive, maintenance friendly and easily upgradeable, just like our C100 units.
What is a process controller?
btsacr016013.gif Sorting machine panel before conversion is a mess Sorting machine panel after conversion C100 Controller for Nut Processing machine C100 Controller for Nut Processing machine
A C100 with 7in screen and a relay outputs made the control of this machine safe, efficient and productive
Adding a 7inch controller is all they needed to clean up the controller for this nut processing machine, dust collector, shaker table and elevators. We added remote speed controllers to adjust chaff removal.
Transfer pump controller. Login security, work order tracking, accuracy to 1 gal/mil, Speed contro, flow control, dry pump safety, 
VFD feedback are all captured on this controller Batch Plant main screen. Menu driven and up to 99 recipes for pre-configuring counters. Device Inputs and Outputs can be observed in real time. You may also manually control devices for testing Tinning the ends of the wire for connection reliabiltiy. Crimp on terminations are another failure point we have eliminated.
Vineyard controller
C100 Process Controller options:
Speed control, Temp control, accepts Encoder input
Recipe driven processes, batch control, weight transducers
Cell phone access to screens
Up to 600v, 50/60hz, single or three phase
Up to 99 Recipes can be programmed in by users
Analog Inputs and Outputs, Pulse Width Modulation
PID control, Relay outputs
Built in Web Server for remote control
Thermocouple & RTD inputs, Relay outputs
Modbus, Data Highway, IP over Ethernet & more
Soldered wire ends for reliability
We work with you during the installation.
USB enabled controller updates via Email
Transfer pump controller
Batch plant controller
Observe device signal status
Whatever your requirements, we can probably make it happen
Controller ships:? “Pre-programmed, Pre-wired & Ready to Run.”
Tell us what you need, some programs ready today.
We are a FANUC Integrator We are a Maple Systems Integrator Tech Services is a UL Listed company, qualified for building UL Listed Industrial Control Panels We are a Kawaski Integrator Robots, Controllers and more at our State of the Art online store
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